Sunday, November 15, 2009

Water On the Moon

So, everybody is agog now that NASA believes there is water on the moon. Every time I hear this, I recall an obscure book entitled Liquid Water Does Exist On the Moon, by the man they call Phunwang, the Red Tibetan:
“To be accurate, I led the People’s Liberation Army. I was the Tibetan who guided the people, who in the words of Chairman Mao, were there to help the Tibetans - the brotherly Tibetans - to stand up, be the masters of their homes, reform themselves, and be engaged in construction to improve the living standards of the people and build a happy new society. But I never meant to lead the Han people into Tibet to establish rule over Tibetans by the Han people.”

Phunwang is of course Phuntso Wangyal, the founder of the Tibetan Communist Party, and the collaborateur who helped the PLA destroy Tibet. In a letter to Hu Jintao, dated August 2006, he wrote:
"If the inherited problem with Tibet continues to be delayed, it is most likely going to result in the creation of 'The Eastern Vatican of Tibetan Buddhism' alongside the Exile Tibetan Government. Then the 'Tibet Problem', be it nationally or internationally, will become more complicated and more troublesome."
How very thirsty.


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2 reader comments:

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like there is indeed supposed to be water on the moon. But it's all under the surface. Sound familiar?

Dan said...

The title of that book is Zla-ba'i go-la'i sla-gzugs-kyi rnam-bshad.

"In 1994, His second book, Water Exists in Liquid Form on the Moon, was published by the Sichuan Science and Technology Publishing House. Using a dialectical perspective to study astronomical problems, it argued correctly for the presence of water on the moon."

I quote Melvyn Goldstein's book about him, on p. 307, exactly without changing anything. I'm not following how his logiccou ld lead to this correct result, but maybe I should read his book, which still seems to be in print.