Thursday, November 05, 2009

Poster Post

In 1939, as Britain approached war with Nazi Germany, the British Ministry of Information created the above poster with a message from King George VI. Actually, this poster has rather an interesting history, and you can read all about it here.

Seventy years have come and gone, and now we have a Buddhist response to the British propaganda poster, which naturally comes to us on a t-shirt.

However, with the worldwide economic collapse right around the corner, one enterprising artist has come up with a response to both posters.

I may get all three posters, for different rooms in the house. I think I will put that last one in the kitchen.

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1 reader comments:

Stephen said...

Regarding the first poster : the message to the common people was that , frankly, the ones in charge were useless, and have lost control of the situation. The entire matter was hopeless. All of them were dead ducks. They had to carry on like sheep to the slaughter, as there was no alternative anyway. Empty truisms and propaganda are often used to pacify, often after something mindless had happened. And why were posters not put up ? Because the people tasked to so did not believe in fooling the common folks, otherwise common sense might prevail. After all, one cannot see through walls or have perfect sight of something at the other end, miles away, right ? Perfect on hindsight, but it's often too late.