Friday, November 20, 2009

The Real Deal

If you really want to study His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche's New Treasures, you don't need to satisfy yourself with imitations, inventions, or downright bullshit from people who never even met His Holiness. Instead, here are three suggestions:

(1) Shenphen Dawa Norbu Rinpoche. He has centers in New York, Denver, France, Spain, and Switzerland.

(2) Thinley Norbu Rinpoche. People always complain that he is difficult to find, and constantly write in, asking for his address. If he wanted his address known, he would publish it himself. Nevertheless, he is easy to find if you have any sort of connection with him. Here is a hint: Delhi isn't always where it seems.

(3) Lama Tharchin Rinpoche. He lives in California, and often travels on request. If you are on the Left Coast, this is your best resource.

There are other possibilities, but these three should be enough to get you started in the right direction.

Be very wary of watered-down centers or dual operations where half the people are off on one tangent, and the other half are off on another.

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7 reader comments:

Anonymous said...

Trinley Norbu Rinpoche was doing kora around Boudhanath stupa just today. I got bundled into the crowd just as i was heading for dinner. :S I didn't know who he was but everyone else sure seemed to and were of course trying to mob (well-guarded)Rinpoche with Katags :) Auspicious i guess :D

TENPA said...

He is being mobbed everywhere he goes this trip.

mr frodo said...

does it all boil down to 'karma' in terms of who we connect with or how accessible the Lama is to our particular circumstance?
i realise that in tibet, i have heard, some people have travelled great distances and great expense to find a teacher or lama. does it mean therefore, that if we are in circumstances that do not permit us to travel such "great distances" (i.e.- india, europe, etc.) to find these centres or teachers that we are less sincere?
i don't mean to sound disrespectful, because i do respect your insights and the things you share (why else would i post this comment), but i happen to be in california, but find myself in southern california and none of these teachers or centres are here. the closest is Lama Tharchin's centre up in the santa cruz mountains, he happens to be a friend of one of my teachers, but i hear because of his circumstances he is not often around to give teachings or empowerments anymore.
i must add i have heard wonderful things of these teachers you mention.
thank you, and please pardon my tone if it sounds somewhat 'reactionary'.

TENPA said...

Thank you for writing. No need to apologize.

I cannot tell people what to do. All I can do is share my ideas, and if that is of some benefit, then let it be as it is. If it is of no benefit, then I trust it is of no harm.

It is no great hardship to go from Southern California to Santa Cruz, make the effort to meet the gentleman, explain your circumstances and see what he has to say. Then you can go home, but at least some connection is established.

I think in Lama Tharchin's case, he has a heart condition, but I also see he traveled quite a bit this year, so perhaps he is feeling better. You can just call up there and ask. If the students aren't insane, they will help you meet their teacher.

I always wanted to introduce everybody I met to my teacher.

Now, after you establish a connection, there is work you must do yourself, such as ngondro and so forth, which really isn't work per se, but it is actually a real happiness -- a true happiness -- because all of a sudden you have the tools to change things completely for the better.

You aren't doing ngondro on the lama's front porch: you are doing this in your own home. The lama doesn't have to watch you like a hawk. The powerful results of doing ngondro take over, and all of a sudden, all these things that seemed so problematic before, now become very easy.

"Centers" are a pain in the ass. Practice is what really matters. You can send in your center dues every month, and stay home and practice. Then you only have to go out on special days and so forth. After a while, you won't feel the pain in the ass, and you can go out more.

Depends on what you want to do with your life. Depends on how much you want to dedicate.

Depends on you.

mr frodo said...

thank you. your words in response to mine has given me something to think about. one of them is that i think i probably need to meet Lama Tharchin not only because of what you suggest to 'meet' him, but also because i have heard of him for many years now, even before i met my present teachers, one of whom is a friend of his i am told- so right away, there is a connection there and if they are connected then perhaps i am also a part of that? i know santa cruz is not as far as europe or india, i just don't have the means of travelling there at the moment but i know it's temporary and perhaps obstacles are here for the moment. i will dedicate my prayers to being able to meet with Lama Tharchin. thank you for your advice, it clears up many things i've thought about (such as practicing at centres and practicing ngondro on your own).
i appreciate it.

TENPA said...

Sounds good.

The really essential thing is practice. When I was young, and had the health and energy to practice vigorously, I fortunately hit it a pretty good lick. However, there came a period thereafter when it was just like pulling teeth. I had the time and energy to do everything but practice.

Then, as I got older, I sort of relaxed into it -- not too vigorous and not too lazy, either -- and practice started to become the best part of the day. You know? You start to look forward to it and so forth.

Taking it a little farther, practice starts to arrange you, rather than you arranging it, and pretty much everything falls into place after that.

Sounds like your friend can set up an introduction to Lama Tharchin for you, so that is great.

Don't worry about the Tiger year... your 48th, correct? Just hold off on the fast cars and the younger women, and you will probably make it through more or less unscratched.

mr frodo said...

well...46th actually this december, but who's counting?

thank you very much. it means a lot to me...and if all i need to worry about are "fast cars and younger women", i don't think i have anything to worry about.

your words confirm for me what every Lama i've ever heard has taught me- maintain your practice, be diligent.
not as easy as it sounds, but not as difficult either, so thank you again and i look forward to meeting Lama Tharchin. i hope to meet him soon and will let you know how it goes to show my gratitude!