Monday, November 23, 2009

Gentle Hearts, Valiant Spirits

The cover blurb reads, "This remarkable book will make you look at rabbits differently - they are powerful teachers." Indeed they are, and this book is an excellent introduction to what they have to teach.

Rabbits: Gentle Hearts, Valiant Spirits has been named as Finalist in the 2008 Benjamin Franklin Awards, Best New Voice (Nonfiction) category, from PMA, the Independent Book Publishers Association.

The author has given us twenty inspiring stories based on actual events. The stories are about rabbits originally rescued by the House Rabbit Society, Best Friends Animal Society, Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue, or the Rabbit Sanctuary. Although the stories begin with rescues from traumatic situations, the happy endings of these true accounts are what give this book distinction. You will learn that rabbits have resilient natures, and how their personalities flourish when coupled with compassionate human care.

Of course, when I read this book to my rabbits, I got all sorts of remarks. They are really sarcastic sometimes, so I kept hearing, "You think that's interesting? That's a big deal to you? Well, you should hear what happened to my uncle!"....  but for humans, I think it is very good.

Animal rescue stuff is always so negative, so it is nice to see positive stories --- this makes people want to participate by adopting, and so forth.

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2 reader comments:

Anonymous said...

Buddha's Bunnies - the Three Rabbits/Hares Triskele.

mr frodo said...

i want to find this book. i love bunnies and hope our bunnies will like it as well.
thank you~
p.s.- i agree, animal rescue stuff is often negative and can be emotionally draining, at least in my experience. i could use something like this as part of my 'therapy' i think.