Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Circle of Life?

The Tibet issue is not one of “human rights.” It is a defining issue of our age. It is about the fundamental right of human beings to live unfettered.  Millions upon millions of people died in the second world war so that our global community could unite on a simple principle: everyone has the right to freedom. Freedom to think, express, congregate, build, elect, share, move…. And now — because of our short term ignorance, greed, and hubris, the emerging world superpower is one that honors none of these freedoms. To say that this bodes darkly for humanity is a massive understatement. We have sold the sacrifice of our grandparents down the river. Sold it. And that sir, is an utter abomination. No nation should be allowed China’s violations of freedom. It is utterly unacceptable. And President Obama,  you must take them to task for it, while anyone still can.

That is a quote from a strong, strong statement by Josh Schrei (of Schreiwire) and I earnestly suggest you give it a read -- if only to see what could be done, if we could manage the political will. Ever since reading the International Commission of Jurists' report on genocide in Tibet, way, way back in 1959, as a class project of all things, I have been struck by the apathy that attends this issue. Five years after the Nuremberg war trials, genocide was again committed in our world, and nobody did anything about it!

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2 reader comments:

Anonymous said...

I understand only what I am able to understand. But I am not surprised why the US does not do more regarding Tibet. Right or wrong...I think we all understand. I just had a thought though...I spent a long time around the older traditional medicine people along the Klamath River. They are all dead and gone as of the mid "80's. They never once blamed the "whiteman" for the ruination of the world and all of their people and natural beauty. It was the fact, according to them, that the people who were responsible to carry out the "World Renewal Ceremonies" at the appropriate times began to not follow the prescribed medicine for carrying out such a renewal. This was prophesized long before any white boy set foot or drove a jet ski on the Klamath. This is similar to Tibet. Chinese or white folks...what does it matter? This certainly is only one perspective.

stella said...

There's never a word of recrimination from the Dalai Lama, either. But he DOES work to remedy the situation. Acceptance is complicity.