Monday, November 09, 2009

Calling the Guru from Afar

The Prayer of Calling the Guru from Afar: 
A Spontaneous Song of the Original Nature

Lama Khyen-no Lama Khyen-no Drin-chen Tsa-wai Lama Rinpoche Kye Khyen-no

The Essence of natural mind is unchanging, and quiescent from the very beginning.
Forever pure, profound, and all-knowing; dwelling as the Youthful Vase Body.
Dharmakaya Lama, Yeshe Dorje, heed me!
Grant your blessings to attain great confidence in the View.

The nature of mind is eternal and inseparable from the assembly of clear luminous clear light.
Dwelling in Joy as the ceaseless, spontaneous display of the Five Perfections.
Sambhogakaya Lama, Dechen Dorje heed me!
Grant your blessings to attain perfection in Meditation.

Impartial compassion, primordial wisdom, free from all limitations,
all pervading source of emptiness-awareness: dwelling as the naked essence of mind.
Nirmanakaya Lama, Drodul Lingpa heed me!
Grant your blessings that my Actions be of great benefit.

The Ground of primordial awareness is unmoving and unchanging.
Whatever arises is the expression of the Dharmakaya, neither good nor bad.
Present consciousness is actually Buddha.
In my heart I found the Lama who is free of cares.
When I fully realize my primordial mind as the Lama's true nature,
reciting prayers full of pride and boasting about my deeds are no longer needed.
By letting go in the free natural flow of uncontrived intrinsic awareness,
whatever arises is without basis, and the blessings of self-liberation are obtained.
There is no chance to attain enlightenment by doing contrived practice.
This meditation produced through intellectual analysis is a great deceptive enemy.
Now, the whole manner of conceptual grasping collapses with the abandon of a madman.
So let this life be spent in a state of uninhibited natural ease!
As a practitioner of Dzogchen, I am happy in whatever I do.
As a lineage holder of Padmakara, I am joyful no matter who I am with.
The protector, Great Treasure Revealing Lama, is absolutely without equal.
The teaching of the Heart Essence of the Dakinis is truly beyond compare.
The darkness of the heart's great ignorance is dispelled from its very seat.
The undiminished sun of luminous clarity shines continuously.
The good fortune is the kindness of the Lama, the only father.
I will remember only the Lama, whose limitless kindness can never be repaid.

This prayer was requested by my famous Vajra student, the tulku Jigme Choyin Don Thamchad Drupa Deg. This was spoken as delirious chatter by Jigdrel Yeshe Dorje. It was composed at Copper Mountain Palace in Padmako.

This was published in order to benefit beings who did not have the good fortune to encounter Dudjom Rinpoche personally, and so have difficulty understanding what is a true Guru.

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