Monday, January 26, 2015

Sky Blue Manjushri

My mother had a vision of this deity before I was born. I have struggled to find this practice for many years. Perhaps it is lost. Perhaps it is only waiting for my absolutely polite silence, and complete attention.

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Tribute to A Great Magician

This is the new King of Saud. Until yesterday, he was head of the Royal Saud Intelligence Service. He is also the greatest practitioner of Islamic King Magic on the face of the earth.

In tribute, a Buddhist magician's apprentice in Asia, just offered all of the Golden Triangle's opium and gold to the Golden Crescent.

He also offered up the entire Buddhist religion.

They say one of these men has dementia, and the other is demented. Nothing could be more untrue. All over the planet, magicians are singing, in an attempt to stop the bloodshed arising from religious speech.

Let no Buddhist, anywhere on this planet, harm a Muslim.

Not even in magic dreams.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Brief Silence

We are all hearing terrible screaming, because we are all screaming terribly.

The illusion of speech, under control of magicians.

Frequency echo in reverb under compression.

One cannot drown out the illusion.

One can, however, stop screaming.

By the illusion of silence is the illusion of screaming pacified.

The echo stops.

What remains is all sound.

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I am Ashin Wirathu

Before the Triple Gem, With the Authority of Space:

In a fresh dream,
picked up and put down twice
the white dakini removed the binding
from my mouth with medicinal balm.

I did not interpret this as her invitation to comment.
I understood this as a command for confession!

This is the face of a sly magician.
Throughout future history,
Let it be associated with Tenpa Rinpoche,
For I am Ashin Wirathu,
In the three times.

I light a fire to feel the warmth
of my burning afflictions
as it is a very cold day in Hell
and I come again to comfort the King.

It is a wild ministration
if one obtains cold from heat
but that is precisely what happens
When a healer breaks a fever.

Screaming and fighting
with dakinis, using poisons
to obtain relief, this is
contrary in its own way.

Upon what do results in all cases depend?
I take Ashin Wirathu's sins
and give them my name,
For I am the same magician.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Elaborate Speech Offering

A work of Buddhist magic operates in the three times, then evaporates. 

It can seem quite real.

"The Elaborate Speech Offering" is one such work of Buddhist magic.

With all respect to world opinion, this is not the face of Buddhist terror.

This is the sound of Buddhist magicians singing.

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Friday, October 03, 2014

Ashoka Mukpo Contracts Ebola

Numerous sources are reporting that Ashoka Mukpo, son of the late Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche's widow, and himself an enthroned tulku, has contracted the Ebola virus in Liberia, and is being evacuated to the United States for treatment at this time.

Working on humanitarian issues in West Africa for some years now, Mukpo was recently employed as a freelance cameraman. Symptoms reportedly appeared just after his return to Liberia with a broadcast journalist from the NBC news organization.

Please pray for the complete recovery of this precious being.

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