Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mercy for the Blind

Tibetan Volunteers for Animals (TVA) are reporting that Nepali followers of the goddess Gadhimai will sacrifice half a million animals on November 24th and 25th. You can get full details on this by visiting the TVA web site.

Apparently, this event could not be prevented. One shudders to think what will befall the region in result.

When people hear of this, of course the first thing one thinks is "What can I do?" The site has some suggestions, and to these I would like to add the idea that we -- each of us -- could double our efforts to be of benefit to all sentient beings in every meaningful way possible, and in particular, say prayers for the people who are committing this outrage.

The animals will achieve fortunate rebirth, but the murderers... ?

With this thought in mind, I now wish to comment that killing 500,000 animals in Nepal is nothing compared to the seventy or eighty million turkeys that American followers of the Thanksgiving holiday will cause to be slaughtered this week.

I suppose it is easy to send off letters of protest to Nepali officials, and then sit down to roast turkey with all the trimmings.

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2 reader comments:

Kate Danaher said...

thank you!!!

mr frodo said...

well said. it's easy to see the animals being killed in nepal and yet forget about our poor animals right here in north america, especially during thanksgiving and the holidays.
it may be ignorant of me, but i simply cannot understand why they felt the need to kill those animals in nepal, i don't understand at all, i'm not saying i'm beyond taking the life of an animal by accident, certainly i've taken the life of countless insects in my life(hopefully nothing larger) from simply driving my car or walking across the grass, etc., but to do it willingly, knowingly. how can one reconcile this? how does anyone sleep with this on their mind?
i once saw a pigeon get killed by a car on a busy street in l.a., though in shock, i went to the poor bird immediately and recited as many mantras for him as i knew. i could barely sleep that night with such a thought on my mind.
i feed two colonies of feral cats and have a difficult time sleeping every night without offering prayers for them and every homeless animal out there who is vulnerable or unprotected in any way...i feel somehow physically affected that i wish i could do more but cannot.....but i am deeply saddened and discouraged that this massacre of animals in nepal could not be stopped.