Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Daily Tibetan Astrology: November 11, 2009

Chinese 25th, M-T-K 25th. Tiger, Li, Green 4.  Dakini Day. This is also Veteran's Day in the United States. Naturally, we dedicate our practice to all sentient beings, but we can also particularly dedicate our practice to veterans today. Nothing wrong with that at all. You know, the thought comes to me that since we couldn't put up prayer flags on Lha Bab Duchen, this is not a bad day to put up prayer flags.

Published every day at 00:01 港時間 but written in advance and auto-posted. See our Introduction to Daily Tibetan Astrology for background information. If you know the symbolic animal of your birth year, you can get information about your positive and negative days by clicking here. If you don't know the symbolic animal of your birth year, you can obtain that information by clicking here. For specific information about the astrology of 2009, inclusive of elements, earth spirits, and so forth, please consult our extended discussion by clicking here. The Ox Year baden senpo (bad days to raise prayer flags) this year (2009) are: November 9, 23, 24; December 5, 20, and next year (2010) are: January 1, 12, 16, 28; February 8. Click here for Hong Kong Observatory conversion tables. Daily Tibetan Astrology copyright (c) 2009. All rights reserved.

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4 reader comments:

mr frodo said...

i have a question regarding my obstacle year coming up- year of the tiger. my first question is does my obstacle year begin with my birthday in december or does it begin with losar?
also, perhaps it's too complex for you to respond to, but could you advise me or offer a helpful suggestion or person i may contact as to what practices are best, or where to obtain an amulet for the obstacle year? please email me if you don't mind.
thank you for your kindness~

TENPA said...

Can you tell me why you believe it is your obstacle year? You are born in the year of the tiger, so you believe the tiger year is your obstacle year? If you send your birth date, maybe we will have a quick look, just for fun.

mr frodo said...

i was born on a monday, in the year of the water tiger. i'm not sure of the exact time, but i did consult a tibetan astrologer a few years ago, who had a monk as translator and he told me about my obstacle year, but told me very little about what can be done. i suppose he thought it might be best if i asked a Lama (or geshe) what would be the best practices for me to do.
i'd be grateful for any useful advise or suggestions.

mr frodo said...

i guess i should assume that your birth year is not necessarily the same as your "obstacle year" then.
my birthdate is:
10 december 1962