Monday, November 09, 2009

Tibetan Prophecy 2012: Updated

Our title is bogus, because to my knowledge, there are no Tibetan prophecies specifically concerning 2012. However, when I study the search engine keywords, I see people are visiting here in the belief that there might be some Tibetan angle to the whole December 21, 2012 mish-mosh.

UPDATED: Since posting the above, I have been made aware of some Tibetan prophecy arguably related to 2012, which will become the subject of a future post -- and I want to thank our very expert correspondent for bringing this to my attention.

What December 12, 2012 actually represents is the Mayan Long Count calendar going from twelve baktuns to thirteen baktuns -- sort of equivalent to a Mayan Y2K, I suppose. Yet, the Mayans were extremely clever people, so their baktuns run up to nineteen, and then turn into pictuns. To grasp the concept, understand that one pictun equals twenty baktuns, and one baktun equals four hundred years. The Long Count calendar isn't even the "sacred" calendar, which is in fact the two hundred and sixty day Tzolkin calendar. Because it is astrological, the Tzolkin never even pauses.

The other thing that happens is that some of the Taiwanese hundred year calendars, i.e. the ones that began in 1912, stop at 2012. But, I will bet you anything that the Taiwanese are busily printing up new hundred year calendars even as we speak.

Despite the above, many people will persist in believing that 2012 is some sort of pivotal year. As far as galactic alignments and so forth, this isn't particularly important. Can you recall May 5, 2000? This is the same sort of thing.

Sorry to disappoint you, but from an astrological viewpoint, 2010 is a whole lot more saucy than 2012. 2010 is the year of the Iron Tiger. If you want to understand Iron Tiger, think of people like Ho Chi Minh, or Charles DeGaulle. Think about events like the Chinese invasion of Tibet, or the Korean War for that matter.

So, here is a little song I wrote... I hope you learn it note for note:

Don't worry. Be happy.

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4 reader comments:

Anonymous said...

I won't be surprised if 2012 is a dud. In fact I'll be relieved. It's the year of the water dragon. I don't know if that's good or bad.

There is some evidence for a Tibetan prophecy relating to 2012. Two texts relating to that year and our present times are found at

The first is by Lodro Rab phel, the second Dzigar Kongtrul. It says some interesting things. Basically he had a vision and got a message involving the Water-Dragon year and many others in the 17th rab-byung or sexagenary cycle (1984-2043). He is very specific about which cycle -- it's the 17th cycle we'll be halfway through in 2013, when the Water-Dragon ends.

The second text is a terma of Padma Lingpa and it names lots of details in two-year chunks. Among other things it predicted correctly the (recent) year that the Turkish army would cross its border (into Armenia, as I recall). However it does not specify the rab-byung. A good number of its predictions seem to apply to the sixteenth rab-byung (1924-1983), the most ill-fated period in Tibetan history.

Brad Masterson said...

Uuummm, this is probably a good thing! Nothing like a little paranoia to make us practice as though our hair were on fire! "Death comes without warning, Dharma is my only friend..."

Stephen said...

Someone sent me this link recently :

arctic dreamer said...

taking no chances - practicing like mad