Sunday, November 08, 2009

Buddhist Bank Robber Cat Visitation Case

According to that bastion of conservative British journalism, the Daily Telegraph, a German Buddhist named Peter Koenig, now serving time for armed bank robbery, filed a motion for visitations by his cat, on the grounds that the cat is the reincarnation of his deceased mother.

The court denied the motion, saying: "While we respect the religious freedom of individuals, the accused has not been able to furnish proof that his deceased mother has been reborn in a cat. Therefore, the request for visiting rights for the feline is rejected."

All sentient beings have, at one time or another, been our mothers.

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4 reader comments:

lilawheel said...

You illustrated it well too

TENPA said...

What the English police call "naughty face."

WoFat said...

Hummm, an old girlfriend.

TENPA said...

Hmmm... is that how you "met" her?