Sunday, September 02, 2007

Swastika Circle

May the clouds of ignorance that prevent me
from seeing you be spontaneously lifted:

A heart-stream of adorned motive
is tributary to a river of mercy,
where beings as numberless as stars
find, and take comfort from,
the energetic display of
your thousand faces of wisdom.

For you, inhabiting one and then the other,
with a realization beyond the three times,
I pray that a connection be established forever.

Oh, precious one, even as I have no understanding,
let faith guide me to the self-liberation
that comes through your presence;
even as I have no faith,
let intention guide me to the aspiration
that comes through your voice;
even as I have no intention
let the hero of awareness
waken me from conceptual thinking.

Oh, precious one, I beg you to look quickly to me;
Oh, precious one, I beg you please remain.

Copyright (c) 2002 Tulku Urgyan Tenpa Rinpoche. Rights reserved.

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