Friday, September 07, 2007

Shame, Shame, Steven Spielberg

In July 1959, the International Commission of Jurists determined that Communist China committed genocide in Tibet:
"There is prima facie evidence that the Chinese Communists have by acts of genocide attempted to destroy the Tibetan nation and the Buddhist religion in Tibet, the International Commission of Jurists announced in a preliminary report The Question of Tibet and The Rule of Law published here today. There is evidence, the report states, that the Chinese have by killing Tibetans and by the forcible removal of Tibetan children committed acts contrary to the Genocide Convention of 1948. There is also evidence that these acts were intentionally directed towards the destruction of the Tibetan religion and the Tibetan nation. The 208-page report, which also considers the evidence on other violations of human rights and examines the international status of Tibet, has been sent to the United Nations and to all U. N. delegations."

Now, a celebrated motion picture producer, who proclaims his deep understanding of the Jewish Holocaust, permits himself to be employed as a propaganda tool by the authors of the Tibetan Holocaust.

Mr. Spielberg, you should be deeply ashamed of yourself. Show your opposition to genocide in all its manifestations by ceasing your work for the 2008 Olympics.

Where is the memory of the over 600,000 Tibetan Buddhist monks, nuns, and rinpoches murdered during the decade 1950-1960? Mr. Spielberg, where is your conscience?

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