Thursday, September 27, 2007

Meditation on the Healing Buddha

Hello, my friends.

I receive a very large number of requests for a Medicine Buddha sadhana that can be performed in exigent conditions by those in need or simply those wishing to be of benefit. I have considered these requests very deeply and offer the following in response. You do not need any particular empowerment to perform this practice as I send it to you quite powerfully complete in itself. If you are alone in this world or in distress, then when you do this practice, please believe I am there with you. Thus, even if you have difficulty with the mantra, or if you feel that you are doing something not quite precisely right, you should understand that I am there, "filling in the blanks" for you, and that the practice is being perfectly performed. Do not think in terms of "near" or "far," as it is possible to direct this practice---and have its effect immediately sustained---over thousands of miles.

Begin with refuge:

I take refuge in primordially perfected basic space.
All beings are actually Buddhas,
I must awaken this true nature through honest intent.

We proceed from an absolutely firm and unsullied wish to benefit others, and begin by visualizing a pure, open, clear, primordial and featureless sky: like a beautiful, empty, celestial sea of blue. We are not separate from this sky. 

Effortlessly, a large lotus takes form in this sky, surmounted by a shining moon cushion. On this moon disk, the seated Healing Buddha appears.

[In Sanskrit, the Healing Buddha is called Bhaishajyaguru baidurya-prabha-raja, which means Lord of Aquamarine Light, Master of Healing.]

He appears exhibiting 112 signs of physical perfection, radiant and vital, and his perfection reaches the perfection within our being, and resonates.

We are moved toward devotion to this cause of healing perfection, and wish to open an avenue of communication that will permit the experience to naturally and spontaneously unfold. We pray:

tad-ya-tha, om, bhe-kha-dzye bhe-kha-dzye, maha bhe-kha-dzye, ra-dza sa-mud-ga-te, so-ha.

[Thus, OM, of Healing, of Healing, of Great Healing, the King the Fully Exhalted, Pure Word of Truth.]
Thus, we pray, aloud or mentally, softly or at volume, and we merge into a sense of oneness with the aquamarine light of the Healing Buddha. A great sense of trust in this experience arises, and we believe that the power of healing is present, manifest in the light, energy, warmth, and sound of this miraculously effortless environment. This power emanates from the Healing Buddha and flows into us: an unconditional love that heals all disorders whether mental or physical, and bestows perfect health.

As we inhale, we inhale light, energy, warmth, and joy. As we exhale, we exhale the afflictions that trouble us. These afflictions have no substance: they burst like tiny bubbles in the great expanse of air. Our mind and body are firmly understood as one. Inhalation and exhalation involves every pore of our skin.

We begin by considering our body, piece by piece. We see that every part of the body we study is made of an infinite number of cells. These cells begin glowing with the aquamarine light of healing. We visit but a single one of this infinite number and find that is as vast as the universe, open and boundless. This cell and all other cells fill with healing energy, in the form of warmth and joy. Healing light and healing energy emanate from all the infinite, boundless cells.

Spontaneously, the syllable AH arises from our lips, first loud, then soft, then dissolving in our mind. We rest in silence, and our hands come slowly together at our heart, like a lotus bud. They separate slowly, and gather in healing power and essence. We alternately bring them together and separate them, collecting energy, which we can direct, to all sentient beings.

Every cell of our empowered being reaches each cell of every other being, bestowing the Healing Buddha’s infinite healing power. There is nothing to wish for.

We cannot do this correctly or incorrectly, as it happens through the power of infinite mercy. If some good comes of our actions, we dedicate this to others, as we have no thought to ourselves. We think only that all beings should have happiness, contentment, and joy. We think they should never be separate from the blessings of the Healing Buddha. The Buddhas of all times and places and characteristics will help us achieve such benefit for all sentient beings, without fail.

There are variations and refinements on the above practice. The practice can be long, and exquisitely detailed. The practice can be done in a split second, in conditions of emergency. You can believe that all sentient beings are joining this practice with you. You can believe that beings from every dimension are joining this practice. You can believe that this practice is a continuous stream of blessing, and you are joining this stream. You can believe that the practice is immortal and that there is nothing to join because you have never been separate. The latter belief is the play of the intrinsic awareness of original medicine. I do not know of a single circumstance when this intrinsic awareness is not manifest. I cannot imagine a circumstance when the healing radiance is not available. I do not think there is a time in this or any other world when this practice is not being performed.

My own intention is that your suffering be relieved. All of the merit involved belongs to you.

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