Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Clarification about money and students

With the growing popularity of this web log comes a number of misconceptions. May I address some of them here?


(1) I do not encourage people to send me money. If I can do something myself, I just do it. If I cannot do something myself, I just wait. So, thank you but no thank you. If you have extra money, send it to somebody useful. I regularly post suggestions herein.


(2) I do not take students. I do not know anything special, I do not have any realization, and I do not understand very much at all. I live in the desert with two pet rabbits, and I do not have much time to chat about things.

Is It S

(3) If you don't get in the w
ater, you'll never learn to swim.

Yes, But Is It Safe?

(4) If you don't stop swimming, you'll never learn to sail.

Is It Safe?

(5) If you don't stop sailing, you'll never get out of the water.

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