Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Prayer for All the World's Deserts

Please, consider this!
The grand expanse of empty earth lies
beneath a cloudless sky.
Everywhere, to the north, east, south, and
west, and in all directions in between, there
await the majestic, wish granting jewels:
strewn upon the spotless ground by the
playful hand of original wisdom.
Here and there, masterpieces of the elements, granting immortality, their symbols
endowed with supreme qualities, and miraculous attributes: here and there the songs
of enchantment rise on compliant breezes
that spontaneously grow into a fortunate
wind of prayer for all the deserts of the
In order to quell the anxiety of deluded
beings of the six realms, I, Tenpa, call upon
the blessings of all buddhas and bodhi-
sattvas to simultaneously awaken in beings
this auspicious thought.
Through the interdependence of all
things seen and unseen, arising from their
diversity, abilities, capacities, innermost
wishes, and charitable dreams, this elixir that
rides on wind reaches each being according
to their precise necessity, at the individually
exact, propitious moment.
The primordial wind that travels across
all the open expanses of this and every other
world system is strong, fragrant, clean, and
It completely dispels the clouds of ignorance and confusion that delude beings.
It clears away all contaminations.
It causes all turmoil arising from mistaken
views to immediately cease.
Errors, disputes, quarrels, hatred, jealousies, miscalculations, trepidation, evil omens,
negativities, vague feelings of disease, discord, and impatient temper are blown to the
smallest part of atoms and disappear.
When, through deluded habits, we
make errors that affect others, and ourselves, this wind instructs us.
When, through our actions, we offend
deities, protectors, and spirits, this wind
purifies us.
When, through selfish tendencies, we
fall to depression, this wind relieves us.
This: the wind that makes everything
To those who guard sacred places, I
call you: arise, and come to these expanses!
To those who guard the precious
teachings, I call you: arise, and come to
these expanses!
To those who guard the irreplaceable
teachers, I call you: arise, and come to
these expanses!
To those who watch over us day and
night, I call you: arise, and come to these
Come to the birthplace of the wind of
bright fortune and accept all the offerings
the human mind can conceive, arrayed
here higher than the highest mountain,
deeper than the deepest sea!
Take all offerings with you, into this
wind, and deliver them to all sentient beings.
Rise to the top of all hills and mountains, visit all lakes, rivers, streams, and
oceans: go to the homes, the temples, the
crowded places, the lonely places, the
places of birth, and death.
Rise into the center of the sky!
To every place, and all places in between bring this very wind of immaculate
charity and benevolence that resides
within my heart and is reflected in these
desert expanses.
Upon the earth, and its atoms, spreading outward, into the billion-fold spaces
that lie within and without, let the continuous vow resound in this eternal deed:
the promise of Tenpa in this and all other
lifetimes—a cool wind of deliverance
from a far place of perfection, to the
sweltering emptiness of this place, where
time is no longer important.
Every stain and obscuration is purified.
All opposition, obstacles, vengeful
harms, malevolent sorceries, and envious
plots are repelled.
All injuries heal, all illness dissipates.
Great fortune and fine destiny returns,
every wish is granted, and all things are
perceived as they truly are.
To you, and all of you, perceived as inhabiting the illusion of the deserts of the
world, if you have need of blessings, approach and take this rain of blessings that
comes to you now so directly.

Excerpted from High Desert by Urgyan Tenpa Rinpoche. 
Copyright (c) 2007 by Tulku Urgyan Tenpa Rinpoche. All rights reserved. 

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