Saturday, September 29, 2007

In the Eight Directions

Just as lotus leaves sway in the eight directions

Your form swirls in the heart of the sun.

My only companion!

Elegant words of your song enchant me
Like the pi-wang's sweet melody.
Though I have only small honor,
I am more fortunate than the other weaklings.

Purity and fragrance of sandalwood originate simultaneously:
Your love and its fragrance rise from beginningless moments to rouse the mind.

Like heaven's pure water, you raise sweet desires
Like the new moon, you soothe my grasping mind.

Lovely is your way!

Just as the sun:
You cause the lotus heart to blossom and eliminate wild darkness.
Close to Padmasambhava,
Let us know happiness... let us be joyous!

(This is
a free rendering of Danzanravjaa's original poem, done by request)

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