Thursday, September 20, 2007

Help Save A Young Monk's Life: Now

One of H.H. Penor Rinpoche's monks, a young man named Karma Yolmo, urgently requires a kidney transplant as a matter of life or death. Apparently, everything is ready, save for one last minute obstacle.

Karma Yolmo is a Nepali national and the operation is to be performed in India. The Indian Embassy at Kathmandu is reportedly experiencing some difficulty expediting this matter.

Perhaps they are unaware that this is a humanitarian issue of international interest.

His Excellency Shiva Shankar Mukharjee is the Ambassador of India to Nepal. The email addresss is

Please join me in contacting the Ambassador, politely and most respectfully requesting him to expedite the travel formalities for Karma Yolmo as a humanitarian issue. You should send me a copy at

There is a site explaining Karma Yolmo's situation at

Please take a moment and show what people around the world can do when a Tibetan Buddhist monk needs a helping hand.

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