Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sand Mandalas Precede Disasters?

There is a strange site on the net entitled The Buddhization of America.

If you are at all interested in how we sly Buddhists are using sorcery to claim the spiritual high ground in the U.S., then I advise you to visit this site and drink deeply of the experience. For example: the author claims that sand mandalas often precede major territorial disasters. He also quotes liberally from Victor and Victoria Trimondi. Here is a sample of the vitriol:

What is the significance of burying tantric vases?

It is the act of defiling the land and provoking God's judgment.

What damage does it do when they dump the mandalas off Newport Beach and Malibu?

It is the act of defiling the waters and provoking God's judgment.

The site also thoughtfully provides a map (above) depicting just where sand mandalas have been created and vases have been buried.

Too b
ad they left out the stupas and the prayer wheels.

For one authoritative list of peace vase locations in the US, see:

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