Friday, September 21, 2007

Read Them and Weep

Suddenly, the fire is 93% contained, at a revised total of a little over 14,000 acres. Rather singularly, a hail storm materialized out of a clear sky, directly over the fire today. Further snow flurries....yes, snow flurries...are predicted for tonight. Meteorologists are at a loss to explain these local weather anomalies.

Then there is the issue of the young Nyingma monk in need of a kidney transplant. We wrote about this yesterday, asking for your help, and you responded splendidly. Today, we received this update from one of the involved parties:

"Late last night, by some magic, the paperwork tunneled its way from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs back to the Indian Embassy... ."

This is what happens when people of good will, working together for the welfare of others, apply themselves to virtuous purpose.

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