Sunday, September 02, 2007

The gTerma of Danzan Ravjaa

This morning's post brings a note from somebody named Thomas Fry, or Konchog Norbu, in Mongolia, together with a photograph of Danzan Ravjaa's image of Padmasambhava. He explains:

"It seems one day Danzan Ravjaa was in the southern Gobi Desert and suddenly told his companions to get on their horses with him and ride. He pulled up abruptly at some rocks, dismounted, strode up to one sizable stone and struck it with his riding crop. The stone split in two and inside was the Guru Rinpoche image you see in the photo. It's the only example of physical terma I've discovered in my two years in Mongolia. Danzan Ravjaa had 'pure vision' encounters with Guru Rinpoche many times, and slowly the resulting texts will find their way into the Western world."

We also notice Thomas Fry a/k/a Konchog Norbu--a young Western monk in Mongolia--simultaneously posting queries on some horrid bulletin board somewhere, asking who the heck is Tenpa Rinpoche(!) The internet is my desert, this blog is my rocks, the cursor is my riding crop, understanding the nature of one's own face is image enough.

This image of the eclectic terton and mahasiddha Danzan Ravjaa (Tib. Bstan ‘dzin rab gyas 1803-1857), the 5th incarnation in the lineage of the Gobi Noyons, is in the so-called Library Cave where over 1,000 of his manuscripts were preserved.

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