Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rainbow Scarf

There is a person who writes to me.

Today, they composed the following, and as they did so, a rainbow appeared over their house.

They sent this composition to me as an offering, I massaged it with the lotion of the English language, and herewith is the result... with my profound gratitude to the person who shall here go nameless.

How are parents known
For that which dwells beyond cause?

To the one beyond names,
Undiscovered yet ever present
Unseen yet ever visible
Not apparent, yet manifest;

Born of the radiant Vajra

The profound, centerless space:
I offer the scarf of the five rays
Mounted, like the evanescent jewels of
The diamond drop of the sweet morning dew.


Speech like this is limitless

Inhaled and exhaled as mantra
Everywhere on the gentle morning wind;
Sweet perfume offers itself to the sky;
Silently, you pass like a gathering river.

In your silence, the gates of the open sky

Ephemeral and light, dissolve in the vast expanse.
This is your proclamation: loud, and soft, without sound
This is indeed Vajra Speech, beyond saying and not saying.
How could one be deceived?

Pointing signlessly to the great center without location
The work is done without motion.
Effortlessly arising all beings are your children
Delusion of delusions, ah AH! not even a wind remains
In the absolute great Compassion, just resting evenly I remain.

In each dream, in each believed awakening
Your soft presence appears: guide and refuge of beings
In this dream-like flower we call emptiness
In the illusion of a lotus you manifested
These elements are the dhatu, your Awareness never altered.

Beyond the dream that begins or ends,
I s
alute the naturally arising guru who dwells within basic space.

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