Sunday, March 15, 2009

Visions of Pemakod

Now that the year of the Earth Cow is really, truly here, you can go ahead and invest $20.00 in a Tibetan wall calendar... and at the same time, support the Pemakod Project, which I encourage you to investigate.

Pemakod is one of those interesting places that hold great promise for the future. H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche was born in Pemakod in 1904, and thereafter relocated to Indian-controlled Pemakod in 1959. You can find the story by clicking this: link.

Then, of course, one must remember that Padmasambhava also inhabited Pemakod, and wrote of it as follows:

"In this hidden land, all mountains are like blooming flowers. All rivers spontaneously recite mantras and flow with nectar; rainbows are arched on trees and bushes. All the oath-bound protectors watch closely and protect true practitioners and punish those who merely pretend to be. Those who practice sincerely will attain enlightenment in this lifetime. Pure samadhi will spontaneously arise just by being in this land. One session of practice in this blessed land is equal to a year of practice in other places. Those who make three prostrations here will never take lower rebirth. Those who die after seven steps taken with the intention of arriving here will definitely be reborn in this land. Those who build stupas and temples, and perform other works of virtue in this land are my messengers. Therefore, my fortunate sons and daughters, keep devotion to this land. You will soon realize its significance."

So, you see, we have a rather substantial obligation to support this place. There are of course so many worthwhile projects around the globe, and so many groups have their hand out, asking for help. However, here we have a clear historical imperative, and we have a project administered by legitimate practitioners with impeccable records of achievement: as foretold, they are indeed Guru Rinpoche's messengers. I therefore urge you in the strongest possible terms to visit the Pemakod Project web site, read the background material that you find there, and try to arrange a donation -- whether through the purchase of the calendar or otherwise.

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