Tuesday, March 03, 2009

This "Rinpoche" Business

"If someone extraordinarily performed sublime activity for the benefit of others, then as a tulku can be called Tulku Rinpoche, if he is a kenpo he can be called Kenpo Rinpoche, likewise a ngakpa can be called Ngakpa Rinpoche; a lama, Lama Rinpoche; lopon, Lopon Rinpoche; geshe, Geshe Rinpoche, and monk as Precious Monk. Not only that, because this is a tradition from a long time, till this day we call it and in the future too people will keep calling it, even if anyone tried to stop this, they will not succeed, that is what I think.

"Therefore, not trapped by selfish desire and hatred toward oneself or another, rather as mentioned above, those endowed with these qualities of a precious one should be addressed as Rinpoche, those without these qualities, even if they are covered with mountains of brocades and silk clothes, sitting upon a high golden throne, and having many followers will not make a true Rinpoche. As the ancient masters have said: 'Neither the costumes, nor the high thrones will hold the doctrine, but the practice of listening to the teachings of the three containers of the teachings of the Buddhas will.'

"If someone performs the practice of the path of the three trainings appropriately, then even a beggar can be called a Noble Being, the holder of the doctrine. So, please keep it in your heart as mentioned.

"From the pure sky of altruistic motivation falls the rain drops of nectar of immortality. It falls as glory onto all sentient beings. May the door to the wrong path be sealed forever."

--Kunzang Dechen Lingpa

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2 reader comments:

David said...

I'm curious - where did you get this quote of Kunzang Dechen Lingpa?

He was my teacher and I would love to know if you had transcripts of more of his quotes.

TENPA said...

Do you remember that magazine style book they put out after he passed away? It is from there.