Friday, March 20, 2009

Somebody Please Fix the Tibetan Calendar

Today, I am "pretty sure" is the March, or Vernal Equinox (7:44 am in the Northern Hemisphere), or the equinoctial point that lies in the constellation of Pisces. Day and night are not the same length, contrary to common belief. By the time the sun passes over the Equator-- which is the standard definition of an equinox -- the day is going to be slightly longer than the night. We are in the waning moon, 31% of full. According to the Rigpa calendar, it is the lunar 24th, which would make tomorrow Dakini Day. I also want to note that the lunar 25th is the one and only Naga day in March 2009. According to the Kalachakra calendar, today is the lunar 25th, a Monkey day, and also a zin phung earth lord day. According to the Tsurphu calendar, today is the lunar 24th, an Ox day. For once, the Phugpa calendar agrees.

Confused? Just a little? So am I, but thankfully, attempts are underway to reform the Tibetan calendar.

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