Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Latest Advice from Namdroling Monastery: Death of Penor Rinpoche

The following has been released over the signature of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche's former secretary:

"For those who have studied and practiced with His Holiness, and consider Rinpoche as their Root Guru or Tsawé Lama, please carefully read the following advice, as all students should carry out their practices at this time based upon the instructions received at the levels they have completed.

"Ngondro and Tsa Lung students should follow the instructions outlined in the Guru Yoga practice, also known as Lama'i Naljor. At the dissolution stage they should merge their mindstream with the meditation of His Holiness.

"Dzogchen students should practice according to the teachings they have received, entering into meditation as instructed. This is the best time to merge your mindstream with the meditation of His Holiness.

"All others should follow practices according to the instructions given to you by His Holiness. Dorje Sempa (Vajrasattva), is also recommended.

"If you wish to come to the monastery, please know that His Holiness will remain in meditation for several days and that the best time to join us is after Rinpoche comes out of the state of Thugdam. To help with your travel plans, it is suggested you consider coming in about seven to ten days.

"Now is the time for us all to join together as one heart, merging our meditation with that of His Holiness."

Lama Lobsang Chophel, Secretary

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