Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Falcon, Raven, Snow Lion

I began this web log when I was traveling, as an aide-memoire for myself and my traveling companions: a place to store sadhanas, snapshots, scraps, snippets, and so forth. Occasionally, I still like to use it for this original purpose.

Here is the fast divination technique using a mala.

You visualize the deity (often Manjushri) and pray one japa of the mantra. You then hold the mala in your lap, and with each hand grasp a bead at random. You then count off in threes, moving the hands toward each other, until one, two, or three beads remain. You do this three times.

One remaining bead is called Falcon. If you have a Falcon on your first round, it indicates support from protectors, luck in new endeavors, and success in lawsuits. If you have a Falcon on the second round, this indicates general good luck, with small risk of misfortune. If you have a Falcon on the third round indicates expected guests will arrive imminently, or you will have news of them.

Two beads remaining is called Raven. A Raven on the first round means little support from the protectors, nothing can be accomplished, lawsuits will be unsuccessful, and enemies have the upper hand. A Raven on the second round indicates serious illness and a decline in force. Things will be lost or stolen. A Raven on the third round indicates bad luck for travelers, and sicknesses will not be cured.

Three beads remaining is called Snow Lion. A Snow Lion on the first round indicates middling support from the protectors, slow accomplishment, and weak enemies. This is generally a neutral result. A Snow Lion on the second round indicates dangers to health that could nevertheless be resolved. Things lost or stolen can be found. A Snow Lion on the third round indicates late arrival for travellers, and some difficulty finding the right treatment for illness.

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10 reader comments:

Bean said...

Before doing Mo divinations for others, shouldn't one obtain a Manjushri empowerment? Otherwise is it unwise to give such readings?

Tim said...

You mentioned doing this 3 times. If you get different result each of the time, how do you interpret the results then?

Anonymous said...

Please, what is a japa?
108 mantras?

In the movie "Unmistaken Chid", Geshe Tenzin Zopa makes this practice?

First class blog, thank you.

ben said...

For the benefit of all sentient beings I hope you will respond to replies.

Karma Chöpal

mihnea said...

The first round seems to be about support from protectors, the second about illness and well being, and the third about travelers and their well being.

If you get a different result each time, then you interpret them according to the instructions above. For example, if you get a snow lion first time, a falcon second time, and a raven third time, then the interpretation is:

snow lion first time = "middling support from the protectors, slow accomplishment, and weak enemies"

falcon second time = "general good luck, with small risk of misfortune"

raven third time = "bad luck for travelers, and sicknesses will not be cured"

Tinman said...

@ Tim

Mala divination is especially good for travel... and every journey has a beginning, middle and an end, right? The three "draws" form a trajectory; a beginning, a middle and an end to the issue.

A "japa" is generally one round of 108 mantra. Or, 111 in the case of wrathful mantra, or whatever is most beneficial to your practice. The exact number isn't essential. The point is to get your self out of the way so that your ego will not color the response or its interpretation. Manjushri is good for this.

Tashi delek!
Dorje Gonpo

viswanadh said...

well i saw a falcon in my home this evening dec 14 2011,at 7 pm is any thing wrong in tht one or its a sign of the luck as u mentioned above plz send me a reply regarding this iam confused and bit scared and the falcon is multicolour biscuit and white and black .. and iam from india and my mail adress yvvyunaidu@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hello, if anyone is still out there. I have been following this link for some time with no activity for about a year. Any ideas? Regarding the japa....


Anonymous said...

Thank you. What is the origin of this instruction? It seems incomplete though and leaves out questions such as : What does the numbers " 4 " or " 0 " signify?
Thanks again

roy johnson said...

You are exactly right...a lot of westerners don't follow the same path that the buddhists follow...you really need to be initiated in the proper lineage.