Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ninth Ogyen Tulku's New Booklet for Free Download

The Ninth Ogyen Tulku (see here for an account of the other eight) is a very nice young man with a large role in his future. He is based at Namdroling, but travels to Taiwan, Canada, and the United States. He speaks Mandarin rather well, which is useful when he visits Taipei and the Chinese settlements in British Columbia. He is still learning English, and this he does with good nature.I hope we can see more of him in the United States. He has an open, generous mind.

He has recently written a small booklet, Light of Liberation, that was translated from Tibetan to Chinese, and then to English by other hands. This booklet is available on the net, for free download, by clicking here. This is a work on ngondro, and he writes: "I authorize anyone who is interested to copy this and practice it."

I hope you will take the opportunity to support his efforts, possibly inviting him to visit your centers and so forth. As I say, he is of the future.

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