Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All Sentient Beings Wish for Happiness

All sentient beings wish for happiness; yet, because of bewilderment, their egocentric definitions of happiness actually become the cause of their own misery. For a hunter, the definition of happiness is death of the hunted. For a person who has suffered wrong at the hands of another, the definition of happiness is revenge.

So it goes, wheel after wheel after wheel. All sorts of posturing, all sorts of blood and treasure. All sorts of positions for, and against. All varieties of promise, all brands of pain.

Today, my wish is for you to enjoy the happiness that comes from looking at your own creations and realizing their basic emptiness.

Today, I wish you could look into the beautiful mirror of awareness and see all sentient beings reflected there.

To you, trapped in bondage while you actually live in sight of freedom, your definition of happiness conditioned by your bewildered search for isolation... it is not in my nature to forsake you, regardless of whether you are the hunter and I am the hunted.

Today, on this Day of Miracles, across impossible distances as close as one beat of your heart, one fleeting thought enters your mind. Before another pushes it away, I ask you: pause.

It will be so, at the hour of your death... one fleeting thought capturing the evaporation of the seeker and the sought after... no escape from consequences.

Pause, and ask yourself: why must there always be a Hitler in your world? Why dark shadows? Why a gate upon the stairs? If your definition of happiness depends on protection from threatening circumstances, then you will always know threatening circumstances.

Where there is no hope, there is in consequence no fear.

The important thing is to be kind.

Just kind.

On Chotrul Duchen, my wish is for your happiness, so I have written these words in the hope they come to resemble your own thoughts upon the matter.

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Uykulu Meditatör said...

thank you, thank you rinpoche.