Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tibetan Buddhists for Haiti

As in the case of the devastating earthquakes in China, Tibetan Buddhists all over the world are now turning to Tara, to relieve the sufferings of the people of Haiti, Solomon Islands, and all other locales impacted by earthquakes.

The circumstance in Haiti is particularly heart-rendering, as that nation already suffers from the most extreme forms of poverty, disease, and vicious rule. One wishes for prayers to ease the many forms of suffering being experienced there.

For Haiti:


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7 reader comments:

stella said...

Tara mantras are always helpful. I don't know how it works, but it does. :scratches head: :)

Anonymous said...

Isnt it nice how Tara shows here breasts. Is it ok if i say that? or will you be affended? Tara was experienced by a male Buddha? wasnt it, thats how we know about her. Did Sakyamunni show his penis? Does your daughter or wife show her breasts in public?

Anonymous said...

The teachings of Interdependent Origination and Emptiness and Impermance are certainly needed but i think the Haitians can do with out the footage of Taras breasts.

TENPA said...

On the whole, isn't it is better to show one's breasts in public than one's ignorance?

Geoff said...

My family is personally impacted by the disaster in Haiti. I can tell you for certain that we need love and compassion, not moralizing by adolescents that giggle when they see a woman's breast.

Lecturing about interdependent origination and impermanence while people are trying to free trapped love ones is beyond the pale. Can't you find some more appropriate occasion for your sectarian proselytizing? Now is not the time.

TENPA said...

Oh, that's just some cult kid. I only let it go through so they could see how foolish they look in print.

So sorry to hear about your situation, Geoff, but please be assured your family is in our prayers, along with all others impacted by this terrible tragedy.

Anonymous said...

@Tenpa, You dont have breasts thats the whole point you are male as were the tour leaders who found Tara.
To not view this nightmare in Haiti through the view of interdependent origination and impermance is ignorance. This is all Tara can show as Buddhasare not a form of monism.