Friday, January 15, 2010

Daily Tibetan Astrology: January 15, 2010

Chinese 1st day of 12th month, M-T-K  30th of 11th month. Monkey, Dwa, Red 7. Solar Eclipse -- the effects of positive or negative actions are multiplied by 10,000. Shakyamuni Day. Today is earth-earth, and therefore favorable for beginning construction projects. However, today is also zin phung, so I would be cautious if said construction involves disturbing the earth element. Of greatest significance: tonight is the night when the fates of those to die in the coming year are decided. Now, according to the Kalachakra calendar, this is the first day of the 11th Kalachakra month, and thus, the Demonstration of Miracles runs from today through the 15th -- I emphasize this is strictly according to the Kalachakra system. Losar is on February 14th, but the Kalachakra New Year is on March 16th.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the Nyingma Monlam, and it is traditional for Nyingmapa all over the world to avoid contending with one another during this time. So, please, if you are my friend, do not fight with anybody for any reason, and particularly do not fight with other Nyingmapa. This is very important.

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Anonymous said...

"tonight is the night when the fates of those to die in the coming year are decided." Could you please explain better what this mean? and Who decides?
Thank you very much!!