Thursday, January 21, 2010

Naturally Empty Identity

"As for these present appearances of stones and rocks, mountains and forests, trees and plants, and so forth, do not believe them to be anything at all, and do not assert them to be anything at all. Do not deny what appears, and do not assert them to be or not to be. Their appearance is a natural appearance, and their emptiness is a natural emptiness. Like the identity of space, let their identity be naturally empty, and let their appearance be devoid of a self-nature."
-- Padmasambhava

This mid-interval auto-post is for all the loyal readers of Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar who continue to check in, even though we are closed in observance of Nyingma Monlam Chenmo.

We are closed but we are not idle. In fact, we have never been busier, and when we return on January 26th, it will be with news of that which has occupied our attention these past few days.

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