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Ngorchen Kunga Zangpo's Door of Happiness Prayer

Dro la deikyit jungwei go chik pu
Kunkhyen gyalwei tenpa rinpoche
Yul du nei kap kun tu mi nyam pa
chok t'ar dar shing gyei par dzed du sol.

May the priceless teachings of the Omniscient One, the only door through which happiness ever appears to living beings, never decline in any place or time, but spread forth to every direction's end.
Tsei met khyen tang tse wei pel ngah shing
Gyalwei tenpa sok wei chei dzin pei
Ts'ung met lama gei wei shei nyen nam
Ku ts'e ring shing gyei par dzed du sol.

May the span of life be lengthened and enhanced for our peerless teachers and spiritual friends who cherish the Buddha's religion more than their lives and whose compassion and wisdom are measureless.
Dro la gei wei lam zang nang dzed ching
Chet tang drup pei ja wa lhur len pei
Cho jet gendun di dag shapten ching
Tinlei chok chur gyei par dzed du sol.

May the assemblies of monks who practice His teaching always endure and their works pervade the ten directions, for they point out to beings the path of virtue and carry the great burden of teaching and meditaiton.
Mi nam na ga chi wei jik met ching
Jikten yang dak ta wa tang den pei
P'en ts'un jampei yit tang den gyur ching
Tse met gawa gyei par dzed sol.

May all human beings be free from fears of old age, disease and death, but live instead with right views of existence in this world. May their minds grow to love one another, and limitless joys increase always for all.
Drong nam jampo'i lung gi yo wa yi
Ba-den karpo'i tengwei rab dzei shing
Go zang rinchen gyen tang den pa yi
Jor den kyewo kang war dzed du sol.

May the cities of the earth be beautiful, strung with rows of prayer flags, white and rippling in gentle breezes. May their inhabitants not be poor but wear the fine clothes and jewels they long to have.
Kha la lok teng gyur wei tin dzei shing
sal la ma ja gah wei gar dzei pa
simbu dal gyi bap-pei char gyun gyi
Dro nam gah wa gyei par dzed du sol.

May the eyes of living beings be gladdened by skies made splendid with clouds garlanded by lightening.
While on earth below, the peacocks dance with joy as showers of rain, falling gently, approach.

Ri nam tsa tang metok bap chu gyan
Lung nam na tsok chuk tang dru yi kang
Mi nam rab tu gah wei lu len shing
Drek tang t'ap-tsot mei par dzed du sol.

May the mountains be adorned by rippling grasses, clusters of wildflowers and by falling water, and the valleys overflow with grains and comingling herds. While men also sing songs that spring forth from joy, in freedom from pride, from wars and discord.
Gyalpo'i chab srit shi wei lek kyong shing
Bang nam gyalpo'i kah lung gu len pai
Chi tang nang gi truk'tsot nyer shi nei
Dzok den shin du dei war dzed du sol.

May rulers govern well in peaceful ways and people heed their rulers with unfeigned respect, so that all inner and outer conflicts set at rest, and well-being prevails as it did in the Age of Perfection.
Tsok lak khang nam gyalwei ku zuk tang
Damcho lek bam du mei rab dzei pa
Lha dzei chod pei tin tsok pak met kyi
Chod pei char chen gyei par dzed du sol.

May every temple be adorned by many images of the Enlightened One and by books of holy scriptures. May the great rain of worship be increased by infinite clouds of offerings offered by gods.
Gon nei t'am chet t'up ten dyong jet pa
Shei nyen gnur mik dzin pei tong khyap
Cheit tsot tsom pei ja wai du dah shing
Lok tang khaton gyei par dzed du sol.

May the chanting and study of scriptures increase in every monastery, each of them filled with spiritual friends and monks in saffron robes who uphold the teachings of the Sage and devote their days to discussing, explaining and writing about His words.
Gei nyen gei ts'ul gei long p'a ma nam
Tri ma met pei ts'ul tim tang den shing
Nam dak thu sam gom pei ja wa yi
Dei shek ten pa gyei par dzed du sol.

May the Holy Teaching of the Blessed Enlightened One be enhanced by lay disciples, by novices, monks and nuns, each endowed with moral conduct that is flawlessly pure, and diligence in study, reflection and meditation.
Drup pa po nam yeng wa kun pang nei
T'e wa kun del du dzi nam en pei
Shi wei nei su pong wa lhur len pei
tok pei yon ten gyei par dzed du sol.

May meditators who have given up every distraction be increased by those attainments of insight that follow renunciation. Away from all bustle and harm, may they ever dwell in tranquil places of solitude.
Lhak par tet pei sol wa dep jet pa
Drup po dak chak khur tang chei nam la
Lok tso del wei pel jor p'un tso'k tang
Ts'e tang damcho gyei par dzed dul sol.

May this, our own circle of meditators, whose prayers are offered with special faith, be blessed with prosperity untainted by wrong livelihood, and may our spans of life and our understanding of Dharma increase.
Jin tan tsul tim zo tang tson du tan
Samten sherab la na met sok kyi
Rang la sangye cho kun yong dzok nei
Lung tok yon ten gyei par dzed dul sol.

May there also arise within me spiritual qualities of learning and realization and the perfection of every principle which the Enlightened Ones have taught, through my own whole-hearted performance of giving, moral conduct, patience, diligence, meditation and highest wisdom.
Jin tang nyen par ma wei khor du nei
Don chod damcho ts'ul shei pei tu
Rang shen don t'un cho la lek jar nei
Shen don cho shin gyei par dzed dul sol.

For the sake of others, may I, too, grow in harmony with the Holy Teaching and gather others together through kind words and generous deeds. By the power of right explanation, may their actions and mine become attuned to the way.
Cho kyi gal kyen tah dak nyer shi shing
T'un kyen ma lu p'un sum tsok gyur nei
Kang tang kang la t'up pei rab ngak pei
Gei wa dei dak gyei par dzed du sol.

This prayer that I offer on behalf of all is that every obstacle to Dharma may vanish and every auspicious condition completely prevail. May every virtue that the Sage has praised increase always in every way!
Palden lamei t'uk jei jin lap tang
Cho kun dei shin nyit kyi den pa tang
Dak ki lhak sam nam par dak pei t'u
Ji tar sol wa tap shin drup gyur chick.

By the power of the compassionate blessings of the Holy Masters, by the truth of the Ultimate Reality of all Dharma, and by the purity of our own noble resolve, may our prayers become actuality.

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