Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Daily Tibetan Astrology: January 12, 2010

Chinese 28th, M-T-K  27th. Snake, Zon, Green 4. We have two 27ths in Tibetan practice this month, and today is the second of them, although please note that the Rigpa calendar doesn't agree, and instead gives us two 29th days this month (make mine a double dharmapala). Confused? 

You ain't the only one. Today is Tsurluk 27th (doubled) and tomorrow begins the Phukluk doubled 29th, so Rigpa follows the latter system. Get it? 

Great! Now explain it back to me. 

Today is also zin phung, and I hope you are starting to get the idea what that might mean. Tsurluk has this as a fire-earth, so couple that with zin phung and you get a whole lot of energy wishing to move. This is a baden day, so no prayer flags. I'd keep it cool today, if I were you. 

By the way -- I'm taking the rest of January off to enjoy a change of pace, a change of scenery, and some quality time with the chiropractor. The horse and me suddenly parted company the other day, and I came down awkward. Also, my relatives are in town, and we are seriously thinking about doing Santa Fe for the 400th anniversary -- maybe go shopping, enjoy the food, and so forth. What is it about New Mexico and food? If you've never been there, you'll have difficulty understanding this, but the State of New Mexico is absolutely the center of Southwest regional cuisine. Sort of like what Napa Valley is to California, New Mexico is to the entire Southwest. My close friend was just down there on a ranch-buying trip, and came back with nothing but good things to say. You know, there are a couple of places I'd really like to investigate before I drop dead. The Northeast is one of them: Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. New Mexico is other one of them. Along with Colorado, these are what I like to call the Kagyu States.

We're auto-posting way in advance, and have been for a few days now.  Consult our extended discussion of 2010 astrology by clicking here.

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2 reader comments:

Stephen said...

From a Tibetan Buddhist website :


There will be a rare Tibetan Double 29th followed by a Solar Eclipse on Wednesday (Tibetan 29th) , Thursday (Tibetan 29th) and Friday (Solar Eclipse) (January 13, 14 and 15, 2010).

These 3 days combined will usher in a period of greater problems for the world ...

shiurpe said...

So we have earthquake in Haiti..