Saturday, January 09, 2010

Earthquakes in the Earth Ox Year: Updated

Upon studying the astrology associated with this Earth Ox year, now ending, we have been prompted to repeatedly warn about the dangers associated with earthquakes.

In fact, there have been numbers of serious quakes in 2009; perhaps none so serious as those now in progress in the Solomon Islands, at the convergence of three tectonic plates. The people there are suffering a whole series of 5+ magnitude aftershocks, a tsunami, and of course, a bruising 7.2 magnitude quake that destroyed whole villages.

Nor have the Buddhist nations been immune. There have been serious quakes in Tibet, Taiwan, Bhutan, and so forth; all coinciding with the various astrological indicators.

We have elsewhere commented to the effect that the Ox will usually flick its tail, i.e. as the year draws to a close, we can expect some serious activity. We have also posted an "earthquake amulet" online, that you should paste above doors and windows if you live in an earthquake zone.

As mentioned the other day, we are seeing strange indications of undersea activity. Sure enough, the Solomon quakes are undersea quakes. As the Ox year vectors toward the Tiger year, we are also seeing indications of volcanic activity, and this includes undersea volcanic activity. I poked a bit of fun at that the other day, but subsequent events cause me to squeak like a mouse and take it back!

Very unusual readings. Watch out for 24 hours either side of January 12, 14, 15, 22, particularly proximate to the 28th, and in February, the 2nd, 7th, and even New Year's Day, the 14th.

I think right around the 28th January is the zenith of possibility.

UPDATED: Well, we got that one right ---

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Anonymous said...

in Portugal...tons of octupus come to die in the beach...some were still alive...laboratories couldnt find any poisening answer!

Anonymous said...

also see this link...eartquakes too here...