Sunday, June 07, 2009

Ten Million Day: World's Finest Prayer Flags

I feel like Jerry Lewis... or maybe I've been watching too much PBS ... but, I believe we should have a 'Blog-a-thon to raise money on Saga Dawa Duchen (and that would be today)! Worthy causes get the wherewithal, and those of you who truly understand generosity see the effects of your actions multiplied 10 million times. I've been trying all night to figure out how to get a background soundtrack of phones ringing... guess you'll just have to imagine that.

Seen here are the finest prayer flags in the entire world. Even the inks that are used to print these flags are blessed with precious substances. They are made only on auspicious days -- days like today -- when the effects are multiplied many times. They are the largest prayer flags currently being made anywhere in the world (3' x 4'), and have top production values. They are made of U.V. resistant nylon sailcloth and will not fade. They are specially hand-sewn to withstand high winds, and have real brass grommets.

I don't know about you... but, I've got to have these! To tell the truth, I ordered three of these to put up for Saga Dawa Duchen, and good for their word, the folks who make them got them delivered right on time. However, I want to caution you not to put any flags up today (I put mine last night), because the 4th month 15th day is baden.

Click this link to purchase your prayer flags, and the money you spend will go to the Tibetan Aid Project -- the world's best-managed Tibetan charitable organization -- where it will be used to support the printing of texts and production of prayer wheels for free distribution at the annual Nyingma Monlam peace festival.

Did you know? They love me in France!

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