Monday, June 22, 2009

Stunning Mystery Inscription: Updated

In today's post comes a plaintive request for translation of the above. If I could, I would, but alas, I cannot. I "think" it has something to do with Kurukulle, but that is as far as I can take it.

Any of our specialists care to have a go?

UPDATED: My correspondent informs that it is from the State Archaeological Museum of Bengal, in Calcutta, and that he found it while following a link I had to the Huntington Archive. The link to what he found is here. When he sent it to me, he simply said "this is supposed to be a Kurukulle inscription."

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3 reader comments:

PDSz said...

hmmm, where does this come from? details would greatly help. for the time being my first guess is that it is a dedicatory inscription for a statue of the goddess Sarasvatii in a city called Pukkapura (!?). it does not really make sense grammatically at first glance, but then again, epigraphical Sanskrit is known for that. no Kurukulle is mentioned unless Padmalocanaa does refer to her in some way. I take that as an epithet for the time being: lotus-eyed.

PDSz said...

Curious. I see the remains of a fretboard there and the image is very similar to the one found at Chaatingraam or Bogra (History of Bengal, vol. 1, plate LXXII, image 175).

TENPA said...

I have a growing impression that the Huntington Archive is a troubled resource.