Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The Tibetan and Himalayan Library has been rendered so obscure as to be unusable by us average folk.

Together with numerous others, I kept an open mind when the grand re-design was announced.

Enough is enough.

What do people want when they come to a library? Do they want to wade through pages and pages and pages of marble-mouthed academic nonsense at its very worst? Or, do they want to search for information?

Even on this lousy little blog I have two ways to search always in front of the reader.

Ever hear of migration? Whoever designed the THDL to THL migration should be canned. The answer to poor migration is not to say, "write us if you can't find it."

Whoever funds THL should take a good, long look at how the money is being spent. Better yet... they should try to actually use THL and report how well they enjoyed the experience. Top heavy projects that amuse only the grant recipients dilute real efforts to make Tibetan materials available to all.

Just disgusting.

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