Monday, June 08, 2009

British Journalism: Pocket Press for Chinese Foreign Intelligence?

British bad karma over Tibet is already sticky. They should add something new?

I usually eschew political commentary -- I used to be professionally involved, and now, since nobody's paying me, why should I bother? However, this time, the politics hit close to home...

If you want to read a really ugly piece of disinformation, check this bullshit from the Times; massaging a theme that began when Big China rattled the piggy bank, and Her Majesty's gutless government stood at attention (reversing 94 years of foreign policy in the blink of an eye). I thought Saudi Arabia owned Great Britain. Did they sell it off as scrap to the Chinese?

This is agenda-based sibbing, of the sort that Her Majesty's information management and diplomatic support organizations mastered in Sir Francis Walsingham's day. Why, then, are they putting their ancient art to work in support of the Beijing Application Institute of Information?

Plainly, some wickedness is working its way across the world.

The forces of darkness are getting ready to wind up the Tibetan issue once and for all. They have three cards to play: (1) Dorje Shugden, (2) the Karmapa mess, and (3) targets of opportunity like that poor kid Osel Tenzin (he tries to reverse spin here), that just happen to dovetail nicely with the aforementioned Dorje Shugden swamp.

In the West, where we have a Disneyesque vision of Tibetan Buddhism (think Snow White and the bluebirds), we need to learn what to keep and what to discard -- politically speaking -- because the day may come when we are Tibet's last, best hope, and how we vote could decide matters once and for all.


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