Thursday, June 04, 2009

Is That A Dog In Your Chuba?

Or are you just glad to see me? If you enjoy things nomadic -- and who doesn't?-- then do yourself a favor and visit Angela Lankford's, where you can view and purchase crafts and handmade, yak wool clothing from Kham. Got to keep those puppies warm.

For those of you who don't know her, Angela is quite a study: an East Tibetan spirit trapped in an American body. She travels all over Kham on horseback (with her two-year-old daughter!) and still finds time to operate her own yak-husbandry operation, guide service, craft shop, and one-woman aid mission. Her effort is very similar to Dropenling, i.e. cultivating individual craftspeople.

Some people sit around and yap all the time. I respect Angela because she went out and grabbed the yak by the horns.

Go thou, and do likewise.


For Angela, Dropenling, and everybody else in the do-good Tibetan handicrafts world, check out this blog by a guy in Beijing who really knows his business.

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