Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Water Element

I used to live in Manila, and have many memories of the place. One vivid memory is of the rain flooding the streets. Driving Manila's streets is risky enough without the rain. Among numerous other hazards, the thieves steal the manhole covers to sell for scrap, so you have to be constantly alert for open manholes. When it floods, you of course can't see them, so you have to remember them. One false move and there goes a broken axle. Similarly, if you are foot, you want to be very careful where you choose to cross the road.

It rains in Manila, but nothing like this past Saturday, when a month's worth dropped in just six hours. I can just imagine the scale of the disaster.

Things are also getting very wet in Taiwan, where I have family and friends, and I just learned that evacuations are underway there.

Please take a moment and send a prayer to those buffeted by storms.

Thank you.

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