Friday, October 16, 2009

Frequency 528 Hz

According to some observers -- and that would appear to be one observer in particular -- the frequency 528 Hz is optimal for the "repair of damaged DNA." There is even a YouTube channel devoted to such things. This could be yet another installment in the continuing saga of potentially dangerous new-age medical mish-mosh, or it could be something. I just don't know. I do not have enough science to know if this is true or not true, although I suspect something very much like this is true. Nonetheless, it makes a diverting study in speculation -- on the order of the "science behind mantra" that many lamas enjoy hearing about.

There is also the theory that sound organizes matter and energy into form, and that is what this next video is exploring. Again, I do not know whether this is a hoax or not, but it is something to examine. I have seen nine lasers at a particular frequency used to create form, so anything is possible.

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Anonymous said...

What sort of "wicked waves" must emit from a wife's shrill tones?