Thursday, October 01, 2009

Sad Opera

Treasure squandered in search of treasure never found:
because your hand is clenched so tightly
you are prevented from opening your heart

Aimless travel in search of victory never won:
because your thoughts are possessed
you believe your mind is a possession

Lies told to yourself and others change nothing except karma:
because you feel yourself above cause and effect
you effectively cause your own destruction

Believing in rivals and battles consumes your hours:
because you are constantly at war within
you are constantly at war without

So many precious moments stolen by meaningless pride:
because you think of yourself before others
your time can be easily measured by sun and moon

Shouting loudly to reach a dwindling audience:
because your "realization" is habitual fiction
your voice grows uncertain and faint

You have gained less than you have wasted:
because you were taught love but learned hatred
you have become quick poison that kills slowly

Singing and dancing and dancing and singing:
because you dance to another's music
you must always wear another's mask

think its "still worth the trip?"

(for September 30th)

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