Saturday, October 10, 2009

Daily Tibetan Astrology: October 10, 2009

Chinese 22nd, M-T-K 22nd. Snake, Zon, Red 7.  We talked about this yesterday. Today, 8th month, 22nd day, the Kalachakra calendar notes: "Descent of the Buddha from the realm of the gods," which of course refers to Lha Bab Duchen, which my Tibetan calendar has on November 9th this year: 9th Tibetan month, 22nd day. Hmmm.... again. Lets celebrate 'em both!

Conventionally speaking, today is 10-10, which everybody always likes. Actually, it is 8-22. I am going to make a safe assessment here, and say that today is a day to accumulate mantra, do good works, make progress, and keep it all congenial and rosy. You can travel South today if you like, maybe putting up prayer flags. Avoid north, east, and west.  Don't eat meat today (if you can help it) and avoid being belligerent and bull-headed. Yak-headed, either. Don't cut trees or disturb the earth element. You can (and should) make some money gifts today.
It is a good day -- a very good day, actually -- to make donations to your favorite projects, whatever they may be. Practice generosity today! Try hard not to be a cheapskate!

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