Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tortured by Lamas

It wasn't always fun and games. In 1898, and that would be the days before an avuncular Richard Gere found religion, a gentleman named A. Henry Savage Landor published a book describing his imprisonment and torture at the hands of dastardly Tibetan lamas. You can read the whole thing online, by clicking here.

Although the book has colorfully impressive (or impressively colorful) "documentation" in the form of physician's statements, statements of minor officials, and the like, I have a number of problems with this account.

First and foremost, the author states he was whipped, burned, beaten, and so forth. All of us clearly understand that this is not how lamas torture people.

And just how do lamas torture people, you ask?

Been hit up for "center improvements" lately?

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