Friday, September 18, 2009

Tarthang Rinpoche's Perfection of Generosity

During the next Nyingma Monlam, Tarthang Rinpoche will give away one thousand (1,000) complete editions of the Kanjur and Tanjur. That is a grand total of 327,000 volumes, produced to the very highest standard, with archival inks and paper. The estimated cost of each edition is around USD $18,000, so we are looking at a gift in the range of USD $1.8 million.

No person in history has ever done such a thing.

In addition, Tarthang Rinpoche will be giving away 25 volumes of Collected Works by the Great Fifth Dalai Lama (1617-1682), 20 volumes of Logic and Epistemology texts for the monasteries and nunneries, and a beloved collection on Mind Training with texts by Chekawa Yeshe Dorje, Gyalsey Tokme, Kongtrul, Longchenpa, and Patrul that will be distributed to the entire assembly.

If you would like to be part of what will become a legendary event in the history of Buddhism -- an unprecedented gift on a scale not seen since the days of Buddhist emperors and kings -- even if it is only for a small sum, please... I encourage you in the strongest possible terms to click this link.

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3 reader comments:

Anonymous said...

Dang! I clicked that link but all it asked for was a donation. I thought I could sign up for a Kagyur and Tengyur myself. I have the TBRC versions on CD-ROM, but those are difficult to read on screen, and not easy to print because of the folio dimensions.

There is the issue of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche's plan to translate the Kangyur. If I am so lucky as to participate in that project, as an independent (academically non-affiliated) translator, it might be most helpful to have a Kangyur on hand.

Anyway this is just selfish reflection.

Just when it seemed impossible for Tarthang Rinpoche to make an even grander gesture in the realm of book distribution than what he has already done, he trumps his personal best.

When it comes to manifesting material supports of Body, Speech and Mind for the benefit of Dharma and sentient beings, Tarthang Rinpoche really is second to none. In America it seems that few people know just how vast and beneficial his activities in that department have been.

I was the beneficiary of those, once. I asked a friend to ship me a copy of the mDzod bdun and some other books from Nepal. When I opened the shipment, I was amazed to find a recent edition of the sNying-thig Ya-bzhi, published by Tarthang Tulku, which came as an added (and free!) bonus with my order.

BTW thank you for your kind words regarding the Beacon of Certainty. I was heartened to hear that my work is 'eagerly anticipated', or something to that effect. The next book is part of Wisdom's Tibetan Classics series, and inches towards completion.

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Best wishes,


Mama Mojo said...

Who's he giving then to?

TENPA said...

Well, since he's giving them away at the Nyingma Monlam, my suspicion would be that the beneficiaries could be every Nyingma monastery of note in the entire Himalayan region :-)