Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Daily Tibetan Astrology: September 15, 2009

Chinese 27th, M-T-K 26th. Dragon, Zin, Red 9. Today is a zin phung and a yan kwong day. From the perspective of Tibetan astrology in its very highest expression, today is in some respects pivotal. By this I mean that inner circumstances today may determine the course of the next sixty days or so, bringing 2009 to a close. One would wish such circumstances to be auspicious.

So, lets examine today at some length, shall we? This is a good day for offerings, making requests, and spiritual practice. It is good for consecrations, ordinations, interaction with high forces or personalities, and the removal of negativity. You can go see the king today with no worries, or make requests of your congressman. You can begin great works today, such building a temple or so forth. Prosperity rituals will be very successful today. However, you don't want to leave matters to another on this day, or go about traveling. In brief: if you want something done right, do it yourself, and do it from your "seat" or position of power.

While today is quite good for symbolically laying out a foundation, or placing a foundation stone, I would not actually begin cutting into the earth, or disturbing the earth element in any significant sense. I would also avoid agricultural disturbances, such a plowing or tilling. Nevertheless, if you want to take first ritual steps to put up a stupa or a temple, today is not bad. If such projects are already underway, you can (and should) advance them in great measure today. For example, if you have to go pull permits, today is ideal. If you want to begin another construction phase, today is quite good. Even if you put a symbolic touch up on something, it might be sufficient.

Speaking personally, I would give the whole day over to religious affairs. If you want to approach somebody, that is all well and good, but practice first and practice vigorously.

Today you want to be generous with local spirits and keep a positive, upbeat attitude. You want to shake off whatever it is that has been diluting your thoughts or your efforts, and concentrate on that which is essential, useful, and positive. I cannot emphasize this enough. If you allow yourself to be dragged down into negativity, then I can almost promise you will have a lousy remainder of 2009, so keep things up and energetic!

Got 80,000 prostrations in? Go ahead... finish 20,000 more today!

Published every day at 00:01 港時間 but written in advance and auto-posted. See our Introduction to Daily Tibetan Astrology for background information. If you know the symbolic animal of your birth year, you can get information about your positive and negative days by clicking here. For specific information about the astrology of 2009, inclusive of elements, earth spirits, and so forth, please consult our extended discussion by clicking here. The Ox Year baden senpo (bad days to raise prayer flags) this year (2009) are: September 16, 19; October 1, 2, 13, 28; November 9, 23, 24; December 5, 20, and next year (2010) are: January 1, 12, 16, 28; February 8. Click here for Hong Kong Observatory conversion tables. Daily Tibetan Astrology copyright (c) 2009. All rights reserved.

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