Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Saltmen of Tibet

This Swiss-German documentary came out twelve years ago, but I just managed to get around to it yesterday. There seems little point in reviewing something that has already been extensively reviewed -- I liked it, you'll like it, watch it if you haven't already -- and, in any event, that is not why I bring it up.

I bring it up because I'd like to know what has happened to these people in the years since. I think the most eloquent statement that anyone could make about the fate of Tibet, would be to go back to the same place, try to find those people, and tell the story of what became of their way of life.

I have heard faint rumblings of this off and on in the past few years, including a rumor that the people in question are no more, because of government insensitivity. We should pray this is not the case. I just hope the folks who made the original film have the courage to do a follow-up.

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