Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Pneumonic Plague Strikes East Tibet: Updated

Authorities in China have quarantined a town of approximately 10,000 Tibetan people: Ziketan, in Qinghai Province. The action was in response to two reported deaths from pneumonic plague. The World Health Organization is monitoring the situation, which appears to be a legitimate medical emergency, and not a clandestine operation disguising military activity.

Pneumonic plague is a more virulent form of bubonic plague, and spreads quickly among humans. At least ten people in the town are taken with the disease, which has a high fatality ratio.

This is an appropriate matter for Hayagriva Vajrapani Garuda practice, directed to the people of the region. If you are able (have the proper empowerment and so forth) then why don't you spend some time on this today?

UPDATED: This is an important story, and bears close monitoring. I hope that Western scientific observers will be allowed in, and I hope detailed case reports will be taken. Why? On background, read this item by the folks at the Tibetan Plateau Blog. I think if Western scientific observers are not allowed in, that will be an indication that something is terribly wrong.

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