Friday, August 14, 2009

Daily Tibetan Astrology: August 14, 2009

Chinese 24th, M-T-K 23rd. Sheep, Gin, Blue 3. Good day for travel, construction, and work around the house, but under no circumstances disturb the water element. Hmm... since readership is way up these days, maybe I should stop and explain that last remark at some length. "Why does he say to not disturb the water element?" Good question, and here is the answer:

As I have explained elsewhere, it depends on preference, or emphasis. The mewa today is Blue 3, which subsumes the water element. The parkha today is Gin, which subsumes the earth element. If you pull down the full Kalachakra system entry for today it gives us earth-wind moving into earth-water, and tells us today is a Water Sheep day (lunar)or an Iron Rabbit (solar). If you consult the Wan Nien Li, you get wood! Which to choose, and what to do? My preference is to examine what might be considered the "ruling" element of the day, which today is water, and note its relationship to the element subsumed by the parkha, which today is earth. Water's enemy is earth; earth's friend is water. The text associated with Blue 3 often specifically states, don't disturb the water element by working with irrigation, or dams, which is certainly indicative of using the earth element to overcome the water element. Get the idea?

Sort of ironic when you examine today's other post: the big typhoon in Taiwan, the floods, the mudslides, etc., but astrology is often a study in irony (slight pun intended).

Get ready to plant a tree tomorrow.
Like the new Tibetan graphic better than the Chinese? Do please let me know.

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